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               Dissanayake M Sunil Intellectual Property is dealing exclusively with Intellectual Property matters and nothing else. 

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The National Intellectual Property Office of Sri Lanka 

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What is Intellectual Property(IP)? 

Intellectual Property(IP) is not tangible asset unlike any other physical property. It originates within the human mind involving human intellect. 

However, it can be visible in variety of forms: Industrial Property


Industrial Property is sub-categorized as: inventions(Patents)

symbols, names, images (Marks or Trademarks); 

Two dimensional or three dimensional pictures, drawings etc, (Industrial Designs).

Literary and artistic works (Copyright).

Intellectual Property Law provides protection for Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) against illegal use (infringements) to safeguard the interests of the owner and the general consumer as well.

What are Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)?

Once the owners' rights are protected, in turn, the interests of the general consumer are also protected. 

Intellectual Property Laws contain provisions to  own such creations by the respective owners (in a similar way that people own any other physical property) for a specific period of time and the owner or his authorized representative may (within that specific period) use and/or exploit such property in any way they like in terms of the the Laws in force. 

Therefore nobody can infringe the rights conferred by law to the owner/s of Intellectual Property(IP) if such property is duly registered at the Intellectual Property Office. 

However, in terms of the current law in Sri Lanka, the literary and artistic work(Copyright) does not need registration.

Who is an IP Attorney/Agent?

IP Attorney/Agent is professionally qualified for this specific area of law and we highly recommend to obtaining the services of IP Attorneys/Agents for the protection of your IP rights.